We help you ensure employees hired are safe and fit for work.


We know you value SAFETY on the job, on the road, or in the workplace.  We will help you build a program to Reduce the Risk of Impairment wherever your workers are!

Call Us at 1-888-273-0143 for your free consultation to determine your company’s best next steps. 

We offer all the Services you need to start employees off on the right path:

  • Drug and Alcohol Tests and Testing Programs 24/7 and Mobile Testing
  • Rapid Covid-19 Testing for Workplaces, Pre-Flights, and anyone else
  • Pre Employment Occupational Tests and more


We’re mobile and can conduct tests on client sites or at our offices!

All of our tests can be done at the following locations:

  • Thunder Bay
  • Wawa
  • Sault Ste. Marie
  • Timmins
  • Sudbury
  • Winnipeg

We are a Canada/USA wide network and can complete testing for anyone, anywhere.

Our services are Available 24/7 with fast response and results typically same day or within 1 business day.

All of our staff are professionally trained with certifications and designations to complete the testing required and be legally defensible, all of our equipment is top quality and Canada Health Approved.


Occupational Testing

Drug and Alcohol Tests

Those under the influence can put themselves and others in the workplace at risk. Improve safety at work by implementing a testing program.

Pre-Employment Fitness Tests (POET)

We evaluate the most difficult aspects of the job to devise our test to be sure you invest in an employee fit for the job


Part of a system of health surveillance, in which breathing patterns are measured over time


Results of audiometric tests are used to diagnose hearing loss or diseases of the ear, and are part of an employers’ medical surveillance program

Nurse Medicals

Coming Soon

Physician Medical

Medical Examinations by a certified Medical Physician.

Criminal Background Checks

Screen employees with a police record check, also known as a 'background check'.


We provide a full range of exams.


Employee Training

Drug and Alcohol Program Management

 Have you seen the 5 steps to an effective Drug and Alcohol Program? Take a look..we’ll assist and guide you every step of the way to help your company be an effective and safe place of employment.

Supervisor Awareness Training (Drug and Alcohol)

This course focuses on the basics of a fit-for-duty program, as well as recognizing signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use and abuse; and approaches and documentation for Reasonable Cause Testing.

General Drug and Alcohol Awareness For Employees

Educate your employees on the dangers and myths surrounding drug use. Education often leads to greater compliance with policies.

Policy Training (your policy) for Employees

Employers must ensure each employee is fully aware of the rules regarding a new drug and alcohol policy.While educating your employees on basic drug and alcohol awareness, we will train them on what to expect with your new policy.

AODA and CDN Human Rights

Often the largest barrier to an employee’s return to work is not the cost of accommodation, but rather the attitude of co-workers. Train your staff to understand the accommodation standards employers must make for a safer, stronger, smarter workplace. (Equipment changes are often less than $500)

Stretch / Exercise Programs

The fitness level of your employees impacts the performance, productivity, injury and absenteeism rates for your business. Stretching, strengthening and core stability programs will assist in better general function helping you to grow a safer, stronger workforce.

Percentage of Duties / Job Demands Analysis (JDA)

Objectively measure the physical and cognitive demands of a specific position and discover what portion of the job your employee is capable of.

Procedure/Policy Review

Procedure/policy review/implementation for D&A and pre-employment/annual testing programs

D&A Program Audits

Drug and Alcohol Program Audits will help to ensure you are maintaining compliance and requirements.


Return-to-Work Coordination

Our team with over 50 years combined experience will help your employee break through the barriers preventing them from returning to work in a safe, timely manner.

Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP)

Our team will help your employee / client return to Occupational or Daily Living activities by reducing psychosocial barriers (fear of symptom exacerbation, catastrophic thinking, perceived injustice and disability beliefs), which impede the rehabilitation process.

Activities of Daily Living Assessment

Activities of daily living include dressing, feeding, grooming, homemaking, etc. We will assess your client to determine safety, level of independence, and to assist to create a safe, workable environment through equipment, modifications, services, and skill training.

Equipment Assessment

Assess the equipment needs of a client to ensure safety in the home, workplace or leisure area. Equipment can include recommendations for walkers, cane, wheelchair, bath equipment, and kitchen aides.

Childcare/Dependent Assessment

Assess the client and his/her abilities to care for young children or a dependent in the home as they did prior to an injury.

Personal Care Assessment

We will work to understand your clients’ needs in the areas of bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility and general independent living.followed up with a report and recommendations for safe independent functioning.

Home Assessment

We will assess your clients’ home and make recommendations for modifications and equipment for safety; including home access, bathroom equipment, railings, ramps, etc.

Hospital Discharge Assessment

Did you know the Occupational Therapist has the last word with hospital discharges? Make sure your client or loved one will be safe at home. We will liaise with family, hospital staff and home care services in order to arrange for a safe and timely discharge.

Rehab Coordination

At times the Healthcare system can seem daunting, with multiple care providers, tests, assessments and appointments. We will help you navigate the healthcare system so you or your loved ones don’t “fall through the cracks”.


Worksite Testing

Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)

The foundation of a healthy workforce is knowing what stressors and demands are put on them daily. This is an objective look at each job’s physical demands.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE / FAE)

Is your employee ready to get back to work? You will have the answers following this 1 or 2 day assessment.

Ergonomic Assessments

Reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries with a professional ergonomic assessment

Accessibility Assessment

Ontario is the first Canadian Province to pass a law to improve accessibility in the areas that impact the daily lives of people with disabilities. There are rules and deadlines businesses and non-profit companies must follow to meet accessibility standards in Ontario. The rules you need to follow depend on the type and size of your organization. We can provide assessments to ensure you are in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and Regulations.

Hazard Analysis

Identify workplace employee hazards before they occur and prepare for fewer injuries, safer more effective work methods and reduced claim costs. This information is helpful for training new employees on safe work methods in your workplace.

Work Challenges

When strength is sufficient, but endurance is in question, simulated work challenges can be introduced to establish tolerance levels.

Worksite Assessment

Identify and remove conditions in a workplace that may be interfering with work performance while introducing recommendations for safer performance.

Percentage of Duties / Job Demands Analysis (JDA)

Objectively measure the physical and cognitive demands of a specific position and discover what portion of the job your employee is capable of.

Mask Fit Testing

Custom Mask Fit Testing will ensures a tight, effective and customized fit.

Vision Assessments

Vision Assessments - including colour blindness.

Back Assessments

Site assessment to ensure a safe and suitable workplace.

Covid-19 Testing

Covid-19 Testing including; antigen, PCR, Molecular NAAT.

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  • Mining
  • Hydro & Utilities
  • Natural Resources
  • Athletics
  • Commercial
  • Trucking & Shipping
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Lumber Mills
  • Government Agencies
  • Travel (Covid -19)
  • Aviation
  • US DOT
  • Events (Covid -19)




At NorthStream Safety & Rehab, we know that in order to build a safer world for workers and their families, we need to help build safer workplaces

Our heroes are the unsung,  humble Safety Managers  who Save Lives every day by their unwavering demands to make safety a priority.

Work with us to reduce the risk of impairment at your workplace, and join the growing league of unsung Heroes Saving Lives, One Test at a Time.   


Occupational Testing

Worksite Testing

Employee Training



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