The third party we work with is the most secure, number one approved provider of criminal records checks in Canada. We provide fast, accurate Canadian criminal records checks when required by our clients. Our third party service also offers our clients self declaration for applicants with criminal records (convictions only) at no additional cost. Further, we can also provide enhanced criminal record checks, as well as police clearance letters for those clients who request them. Please, call us for more information. Rush services are also available to our clients at no additional cost however, some conditions apply.

In Canada, in order to obtain a name-based criminal record check search, a properly completed and signed informed consent must be completed by the applicant. The witness must verify the identity of the person being searched, by checking two pieces of ID, one of which must be a proper photo ID as described on the consent. The consent, which can be found under the section, and your IDs MUST be scanned and forwarded to our third party service through our Secure Document Upload page. We recommend that all applicants be rechecked at a minimum of every two years.

Enhanced (Police Information Portal or PIP) Criminal Record Check

As an add-on to the Canadian Criminal Record Check, the third party we work with can also include a search for pending charges, charges not resulting in convictions, warrants, prohibitions, probation orders and local police indices. This option can be chosen as an additional service when placing an order for the Canadian Criminal Record Check. The applicant must also self-declare this information.

Police Clearance Letter:

A Police Clearance Letter is a certificate on police letterhead, signed by police verifying the results of your criminal check can also be requested at a modest fee. This is not a Certified Criminal check but is sometimes used for employers to verify results.

NOTE: A standard Canadian Criminal Record Check does not include a search of the Pardoned Sex Offenders Registry (generally referred to as a vulnerable sector search). CSI can conduct this search for you, however, if it is required for your job or position. Please call us for information.

It is important to understand that this is completely secure and the questions and answers are private to the person answering them only, providing a paperless, convenient and secure method of positively verifying identity.



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